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putting-away-childish-thingsMy new novel, Putting Away Childish Things, was released April 20, 2010. Here my teachings on Christianity are present in a new form—fiction. I hope my book will be an engaging way for readers to learn about the important issues dividing Christians today. Along the way, we join with the characters to ask the hard questions such as what does the Bible really teach? Who is Jesus? What is the nature of faith today? This is a story that promises to leave us different in the end than when we started, as we learn how even in the twenty-first century, God works in mysterious ways.

In this story, we meet Kate—a popular religion professor at a liberal arts college in a small Midwestern town who thinks her life is right on track. She loves her job, is happy with her personal and spiritual life, and her guilty pleasure consists of passing her afternoons at the local pub with a pint of Guinness and a cigarette. Life is good. Kate is up for tenure when it all starts to go wrong.

The novel is available at a 10% discount in the Trinity Episcopal Cathedral Bookstore (503-790-2877, email) or online here.